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Bamako, MALI

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Rootsy Records is a cultural preservation and promotional project dedicated to traditional djembe drumming.  We share multimedia of ancient style djembe drumming in order to promote traditional djembe culture. 

The Djembe is a traditional drum from West Africa.  It is played for many different occasions in Africa ranging from weddings, circumcision, secret societies, healing ceremonies, baptisms, naming ceremonies, parties etc..

Many people all over the world have fallen in love with the sound of traditional djembe drumming and many more have begun studying the traditional dances that go with the djembe.  The djembe has taken over as the preferred hand drum globally.  Rootsy Records provides the djembe enthusiast with multimedia and information to help those on the path of learning traditional djembe.

Rootsy Records is all about getting people from all over the world excited about traditional djembe drumming.  For us, the djembe community is more than just a drumming community - it is a force of unity that is bringing a spiritual change - a new consciousness.  The ancient name of the djembe is "Jebe Bara", which means roughly: "Unity Drum".

We try and put out as many video clips as possible through youtube in order to increase people's exposure to djembe drumming.  Many of us who got into djembe later in life would have appreciated the exposure to djembe music at an earlier age but we did not have that chance.  Rootsy Records is trying to offer that chance of exposure to a new generation.

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